Summer styling with a Kimono!

Want to dress lavishly without burning a hole in your wallet? Looking for the perfect layering piece for the summer? Then join Beyonce, Kendall, Rihana & all the others stars and don a Kimono!

What is a Kimono?

Summer Kimonos by Ornate Handicrafts

Traditionally a Japanese garment, Kimonos are flowing colorful robes, decorated with intricate motifs and accents. Worth noting that the western Kimonos are different from the Japanese attire. Usually looser in silhouette and often worn open and fashioned casually during the summer season.
If you like comfortable clothes that ooze stylish charm, you’re in luck: the kimono is the king of the castle this season. Here’s a few options and styles to get you started on the ‘piece de resistance’ of summer fashion.


Pairing it with Jeans

Summer Kimonos by Ornate Handicrafts

If you’re a jeans-and-a-tee kind of gal, Kimonos are the perfect, hassle-free way to dress up any outfit. Replace the usual sweater for layering with an incredibly unique one that will brighten up any scene. Paired with a simple blue tee & sneakers, the ‘under layers’ of the outfit are relatively simple in order to show off the extravagance of the kimono. It’s perfect for summer, & bring a whole new vibe to your typical look.

Perfect compliment to White trousers

Summer Kimonos by Ornate Handicrafts
A kimono is more than just a jacket. In this look the robe is cleverly used as a top to compliment flowy white trousers. Don’t do prints both in the robe and in the pants or you’ll look like a hot mess. Solid colors work best, again, the key is to keep the base simple. As for the kimono; look for a one with complimenting colors. 

Kimono top with shorts

Summer Kimonos by Ornate Handicrafts

The easiest way to pull this look is to go for a basic top and shorts in neutral colors that complement your kimono’s colors.

Fan of Boho style?

Summer Kimonos by Ornate Handicrafts
Kimono robes look particularly good layered over slip dresses in summer, with white shoes adding some extra attitude when you need it. A winning bet is to wear your kimono with a fitted or straight dress to create a contrast of volumes. If you are looking for a slimming effect, opt for a plain and skin-skimming dress underneath, and wear your kimono open – ready for anything!

At the beach?

 Summer Kimonos by Ornate Handicrafts

Look super chic by the pool or on the beach and protect your shoulders from the sun! Or just tie it around your waist like a skirt or a sarong. Easily, and stylishly walk around town after the beach to grab a snack without feeling too exposed.

Top styling tips while wearing Kimonos

  • Choose wedges or heels for your footwear can seldom hurt. It gives you a few extra inches and ensures the kimono won’t look too long for you, no matter your height.

  • If the rest of the outfit is in solids, best leave the kimono unwrapped. It brings alive the rest of the ensemble. 

  • For those preferring to wear Kimonos traditionally, suggest tying it at the front. It’s a great way to keep loud outfits noise-free. 

  • Pairing them with accessories? Top off your look off with an embellished plus size belt. Statement jewelry like hoop earrings or stacked necklaces work well. 

You can wear a kimono wrap in so many different ways, during all seasons, day and night. It will be one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in your closet and give you the glamorous allure you've been looking for.

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